Your mental health and wellbeing is everything.


You don't need to face your challenges alone.

Amelie is a chat-bot everyone can connect with for support with their mental health and well being concerns.

Simply message Amelie on Facebook to immediately discover trustworthy resources that are relevant to your needs.

When integrated as part of a continuity of care plan, Amelie can check in for a chat and self-assessment, track your progress, and offer relevant activities you can complete to keep moving forward.


Start chatting to Amélie through messenger today.


1 in 5 people will experience a mental health issue each year

1 in 5

Suicide is the leading cause of death at 8 per day - more than cancer and road deaths

8 deaths per day

1 person calls Lifeline every 30 seconds but 150,000 people's calls are missed each year



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