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Amelie is an intelligent, cloud-based platform that modernises the way mental health and wellbeing service providers engage with and support help seekers. 

Communicating with people in need is radically changing as new digital channels are becoming mainstream. Amelie helps service providers upgrade their out-dated and fragmented communication infrastructure.

In order to meet the increasing demand for around-the-clock support, Amelie provides intelligent triage driven by real-time analytics that improves the efficient allocation of limited resources to those in need.

Relapse and readmission are both significant costs and a missed opportunity to better support people in need. Amelie automates the follow-up process, enabling services providers to have an ongoing relationship with help seekers. 


Products and Services

Amelie chats using AI (Artificial Intelligence). This means the support and services shared have been automatically matched to the unique concerns, questions, and situation of the help seeker. No matter when someone needs help they can check in with Amelie to get high quality resources and assessment in an instant. 


Engagement & Search

'Conversational Search' uses Artificial Intelligence to provide around the clock guidance to relevant, trustworthy resources and services that best match a help seekers unique situation. The online behaviour of your Help Seekers is further supported with dynamic content recommendations.

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Analytics & Triage

Real-time analytics provides fast access to services when people need them. This is critical - particularly when a persons life is at stake. Symptom detection intelligence and screening assessments identify high risk help seekers and alert service providers to prioritise and escalate those most in need to the head of the queue. 



Check In

Relapse and readmission are common and come at a significant cost to service providers and the healthcare system more broadly. Check In provides an automated follow up program. Through ongoing engagement, tracking assessments, and activities, greater continuity of care means improved outcomes and reduced costs. 

How are we different?


Omni-Channel Communication

Amelie is an omni-channel communication platform that will streamline and modernise out-dated and fragmented legacy systems.



Real-Time Analytics

Real-analytics and data dashboards help service providers to efficiently triage at-risk people and intelligently allocate their precious resources.



Augmented Intelligence

The human in-the-loop experience ensures service providers are responsive to needs for human intervention with help seekers, and when automation can intelligently handle tasks within the stepped-care model.


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